We are so grateful for the incredible services donated by our volunteers, from cooking for special events to modeling Gala auction items to painting walls to doing yard work. Thank you one and all for donating your amazing talents to the Abbe Museum! We could not do it without you! If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer, please email volunteer@abbemuseum.org.



Jennifer Judd-McGee

Donald Keifert

Jacob Legutko

Larry Legutko

Abbe Levin

Jim Linnane

Zoe Malena

Peggy Marks

Roger Marks

Katie Mathews

Ellie McGee

Virginia Mellen

Mary Mitchell

Laura Levin

Lindsey Prelgovisk

Amy Madden Roebuck

Jean Rohrer

Jack Russell

Patti Selig

Sandy Wilcox

Diane Zito


Alf Anderson

Madelaine Azar

Gaia Barrera

Deb Bennett

Shannon Cardinal

Jane Chandler

Joe Cistone

Jane Clifton

Sue Ferrante Collier

Douglas Cornman

Katie Cornman

Jeff Dalrymple

Caitlyn Denegre

Jeff Dunn

Linda Dunn

Jamie Ford

Cathy Gerstner

Joe Gerstner

Ellen Gilmore

Ann Cox Halkett

Sequan Henries




PechaKucha MDI (PKMDI) is co-hosted by the Abbe, Northeast Harbor Library, and Southwest Harbor Public Library. Each event features a series of presentations on a specific theme, consisting of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each, totaling a talking time of six minutes and 40 seconds. The goal is to bring prominent and up-and-coming creative minds together for a night of inspiration, networking, and fun, and we couldn’t have put on such great sessions without the following:

Mike Hays

Bob Hunnam

Ellie McGee

Amy Niemczura

George Neptune

Davin O'Connell

Nicole Ouellette

Craig Roebuck

Hope Rowan

Jack Russell

Jill Sawyer

Allison Shank

Hannah Stevens

Carla Tanguay

Claire and Carly Weinberg

Heather Anderson

Lyzz Bien

Johannah Blackman

Jennifer Steen Booher

Marie Chao

Caroline Childress

Alyne Cistone

Stephanie Clement

Liz Cutler

Gloria Delsandro

Lynne Dominy

Gary Friedmann

Tim Garrity

Julia Gray

Suzanne Greenlaw