Did you know Maine has Native American Heritage? Take some time to venture through this museum, Learn about their culture...see and enjoy the exhibits...stroll through the store and even purchase a Native-made product. I’ve been there many, many times,...there’s always something new and different.
— Ellen W., Allentown, PA
Abbe Museum – we visited the smaller location at Sieur de Monts Spring inside Acadia National Park on the Park Loop Road, very close to the Sieur de Monts Spring & Nature Center. There is a minimal admission fee here (and this paid fee can be applied towards the admission price of the downtown Bar Harbor location). At Sieur De Monts Spring there are very informative exhibits and a replica native structure that share the history and culture of Maine’s native people (Wabanaki). Small gift shop and very knowledgeable staff and is definitely worth a stop.
— Mary, Philadelphia, PA
We walked through the entire history timeline and viewed the awesome quiet room, as well as student art and the new exhibit. My friends and I were in tears at times. Such a different visit compared to when I visited just two years ago. Now the information is from Wabanaki people themselves, the dots are connected, and the line from past to present becomes clear. Thank You.
— Matzatlx, Brunswick, ME
It was a profound experience for my husband and me—very different from most natural history or ethnic museums. We loved reading about the four tribes and their histories, their crafts, their current-day issues, and all the things no one bothers to find out about Native Americans. Hearing their voices, seeing their pictures, being surrounded by things they made and artifacts with special significance to them—all very emotional and meaningful. Not your typical museum experience. Better by a long shot.
— Nancy, Mattituck, NY
A very unexpected, wonderful place. Appropriately political, honest, and beautiful. Thank you.
— Tanya, Canada



An amazing collection for a small museum with highly curated exhibits. We thoroughly enjoyed the history and culture presented about the Native Americans who inhabit this region. The children’s art was particularly moving and poignant.
— Corrine G.
The new exhibit is wonderful and the stories are compelling. It is so interesting to know the Indians still live in Maine and their cultures are so rich. The exhibit is clearly well thought-out and I look forward to a return visit because with so much information, I’m sure I missed something! Just to round out the day I picked up tickets for the Haunted Bar Harbor walking tour with Dawnland Tours and had an even better time! What a great opportunity for the stories to keep going after hours.
— Schnzrgrl, Bangor, ME
This museum is beautifully laid out like other Smithsonian-related institutions. It has a lovely display of baskets both in exhibits and the gift shop. There is a moving exhibit on the effects of drug addiction in the native people’s community. There is an interactive section for kids. I only wish it was even larger.
— Wing_anda_Prayer1210, Fort Myers, FL
This museum should be considered one of the top museums in the country if it isn’t already. This museum is all about the history of the Indian tribes who had settled in parts of Maine and New Brunswick. The artifacts and displays in the museum are spectacular. The handmade wooden baskets, the birch bark canoe, the handmade deer skin clothing etc. There are also beautiful things in the gift shop. It was a most educational experience.
— Speed40, Danvers, MA