This small museum is worth a visit. It tells the story of the local Native Americans - the Wabanaki Nations. My husband and I spent about an hour and a half to learn some local flavor. Well done and worth the trip.
— Beach1613, Wildwood Crest, NJ
This small, lovely museum highlights the native communities that have lived in Maine for thousands of years. The People of the First Light, a permanent exhibit, uses stories, artifacts, language and current art and fashion of the Wabanaki Nation to bring to life the culture that is still in Maine today. I have lived in Maine for 20 years and I was so glad to have visited. I will return!
— Lisa B., Maine
So glad I finally made a visit here. Grew up in Maine and it’s ridiculous I waited this long. The museum is beautifully set up, the written histories were very informative, and the art work impressive. Highly recommend spending time here.
— Samsmom T
A high point of our visit to Acadia was an hour stroll through the botanical gardens at the original Abbe Museum (where the archaeological artifacts are located). Beautifully laid out garden, grouped by habitat (pond, mountain, etc.). Highly educational...but also soul-enriching.
— Ralph P., San Francisco, CA
The Abbe Museum provided a look at the Wabanaki tribes through their own eyes. It was curated by the various groups who have inhabited coastal Maine for thousands of generations. The museum is part of the Smithsonian Institute. It was a marvelous exhibition.
— Maureen O., Bethany, CT
The new exhibit is wonderful and the stories are compelling. It is so interesting to know the Indians still live in Maine and their cultures are so rich. The exhibit is clearly well thought-out and I look forward to a return visit because with so much information, I’m sure I missed something! Just to round out the day I picked up tickets for the Haunted Bar Harbor walking tour with Dawnland Tours and had an even better time! What a great opportunity for the stories to keep going after hours.
— schnzrgrl, Bangor, ME



We stopped in here as a rainy day activity and were pleasantly surprised. The museum was small enough to complete in an hour. Exhibits were really interesting and gave good insight into both the histories of the local tribes and the current culture and difficulties. Enjoyed by some “Non-museum” people in our party.
— MzRs, Boston, MA
The museum is truly outstanding, and I say that from the point of view of a retired museum technician and curator. The exhibits are gorgeous and easy to navigate and to understand. I visited recently on the occasion of the basketmaker’s demonstration, and it was a delight. Very informative and interesting. I will return!
— Icbs, Grand Manan, Canada
Beautiful museum which did a great job of explaining the history of the area in relation to the Native American populations. Also did a great job presenting current tribal issues relating to waterways and land usage, etc. Lots of historic and current art by local tribes. My kids (15 & 12) spent a lot of time reading the historical timeline and enjoying the art. Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in getting a feel for the history of the area.
— Chris C., State College, PA
This museum is a must- see in Mid-coast Maine. The collections are great and the interpretive programs are moving and well done. Do not miss the contemporary birch bark canoe and film about its primary builder. Amazing displays of art from the 4 Wabanaki tribes. Watch for special programs. We will be back!
— madCat2, Exeter, NH