In 2016, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act.  The Act transformed the practice of archaeology. On a chilly night in October at the Jordan Pond House, Rebecca Cole-Will reflected on how archaeology has evolved, the current role of archaeology in the National Park Service, and where the study of the past may lead us in the future.  

Cole-Will is the Chief of Resource Management at Acadia National Park. She has done archaeological research in Maine and the Canadian Arctic, and was the curator at the Abbe Museum before joining the National Park Service. She has a BA in anthropology from the University of Maine and an MA in anthropology from the University of Alberta.

The talk was followed by hot popovers served by the terrific staff at Jordan Pond House, accompanied by conversations among the audience about what they had learned. 

Special thanks to Dawnland, LLC for their generous support!