Permanent Collection

Jean Rohrer basket collection, gift of Jean Rohrer (October 2016

Small covered birchbark box with quill work and sweetgrass by Jane Pangowish, Ojibwe

Powder puff holder style basket, ash and sweetgrass, by Molly Neptune Parker, Passamaquoddy

Covered trinket basket, ash with sea glass and beads, by Gerald “Butch” Jacobs, Passamaquoddy

In the News, recycled materials twined basket, by Vera Longtoe Sheehan, Abenaki


Maliseet Snowshoes, gift of Joseph P. Dudley (December 2016)


2017 Native American Festival purchases, Friends of the Collection fund (July 2017)

Pack basket purse, Gabriel Frey, Passamaquoddy, 2017

Small corn basket, Molly Neptune Parker, Passamaquoddy, 2017

Fancy basket, Frances Soctomah, Passamaquoddy, 2017

Acorn basket, Emma Soctomah, Passamaquoddy, 2017

The Scout, carved wooden mask, Cyril Sacobie, Maliseet, 2017


Education Collection

Beaded bag, gift of Carol Sweet (July 2017)


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