Despite some slightly damp weather, another successful Native American Festival and Basketmakers Market took place on July 9, 2016, on the campus of College of the Atlantic. Attendees had great opportunities to learn about and purchase a wide range of traditional and contemporary art and crafts directly from Wabanaki artists. The Abbe Museum was excited to host an interactive reading of Thanks to the Animals (Allen Sockabasin, illustrated by Rebekah Raye, 2005) and two fun craft activities for young visitors, thanks to our awesome volunteers and willing staff.

Demonstrators included:

Bow-drill fire starting demonstration with Barry Dana, Penobscot

Beadworking demonstration with Martha Newell, Passamaquoddy

Basketmaking Demonstration with Emma Soctomah, Passamaquoddy

Mosquito Dance with the Burnurwurbskek Singers

Regalia making demonstration with Decontie & Brown

Flute Music and Stories with Hawk Henries, Nipmuck

Wabanaki cuisine demonstration with Molly Neptune Parker, Passamaquoddy

Ash pounding demonstrations by Gabriel Frey, Passamaquoddy and Eldon

Hanning, Micmac

Basket weaving demonstrations by George Neptune, Passamaquoddy


A very special thank you to:

Jennifer Neptune, director of Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance

Emcees Wayne Newell and John Bear Mitchell

Host drummers Burnurwurbskek Singers

And all the volunteers who made this wonderful event possible!