Such a different visit compared to when I visited just two years ago. Now the information is from Wabanaki people themselves, the dots are connected, and the line from past to present becomes clear.” - a visitor from Brunswick, ME

These thoughtful words shared by an Abbe visitor last year have stuck with me. They motivate me. They encourage me. The excite me. This is what we hoped people would say about us! The Abbe is on its way to an extraordinary future and 2016 demonstrated that our foundation is solid and ready for our new strategic plan and the future it brings.

This first year roll out was about staff re-alignment and planning, double checking feasibility and forecasting budgets to meet the call of the plan. And, we managed to finish some major projects. Of great note is the opening of People of the First Light, which has transformed our exhibition space and how we work with our audiences.

When I look through the pages, words, and numbers that my Abbe colleagues compiled for this report, I see a year of change and a year of curiosity and hard work.  And, I see a year that was about determination.

Your Abbe team is determined to make a difference in the lives of our audiences. Through our educational programming, exhibitions, collections acquisitions and care, and our special outreach and initiatives, we are working to expand minds and build understanding about cultural similarity and difference. Working collaboratively with and responsively to Wabanaki needs and concerns, we work in service to Wabanaki people.

As you read through this report, I hope you see evidence of the support you’ve given us in fulfilling our mission. We can only do this important work with support from our donors, friends, and volunteers. You lift us up, challenge us, and enable us. Thank you.