The fiscal year ending September 2016 (FY16) represents a year of level funding at the Abbe. While we continue to improve our budget performance, this first year of the strategic plan called for a revisioning of our fundraising strategies and a focus on seasonal cash flow. During the course of FY16 we experimented and evaluated our traditional fundraising strategies to help us make an informed development plan for FY17.

  • All staff members have a role in the budgeting process and are held accountable for spending and income, when appropriate.

  • To attract new support, we reformatted our fundraising gala and divided this event into two separate events - the Gathering Gala and the Backyard Bash.

  • After a significant re-boot of our membership program, we rolled out new recruitment strategies all year long.

  • We identified projects that require new sources of income to achieve, such as the Abbe Museum Indian Market, and carefully managed current income streams in support of our successful programs and initiatives.

  • Opening People of the First Light as a 15-20 year exhibition and reconfiguring the exhibit space to reduce the number exhibits per year has opened up new and exciting program opportunities that will appeal to donors and sponsors.

We anticipate further improvement over the next several years as we grow our investments, secure endowment gifts, and make a strong case for support to our friends. Thank you for helping us along the way.






                                                                          2016                       2015
General mission related                       $263,694                  $366,480   
Guest services                                         $150,015                 $153,034
General and administrative                 $144,759                  $255,261   
Facilities                                                   $115,521                  $106,277   
Fundraising                                              $167,969                 $139,190
Total operating expenses                      $841,958             $1,020,242  
Total operating deficit*                            $60,568                $(58,081)    

Other income             
Net increase in designated funds*                                       $194,942    
Restricted contributions                                                        $274,492    
Net other income                                                                     $469,434    

Depreciation*                                           $121,540                 $112,393

Net other expenses                                 $121,540                 $112,393

Change in net assets                               $(60,972)             $(170,474)

                                                                     2016                  2015
Contributions                                    $461,206             $524,293
In-kind contributions                         $30,719                 $9,630
Admissions                                           $98,609               $94,463
Merchandise Sales                            $100,590            $120,133    
Membership                                          $19,525              $26,297
Program revenue                                 $52,328              $74,614
Fundraising events                              $34,040              $48,549
Event rental                                             $1,212                   $873             
Endowment funds
for operations                                        $53,124             $83,297
Interest and dividends, other             $51,173          $(61,026)    

Total operating income                      $902,526           $921,120



*At this time we do not fully fund depreciation.