The fiscal year ending September 2017 (FY17) represents a year of level funding at the Abbe. While we continue to improve our budget performance, we continue our focus on fundraising strategies and seasonal cash flow. This year marks our highest achievement in annual fund revenue which is encouraging as we continue to implement our strategic plan.

All staff members have a role in the budgeting process and are held accountable for spending and income, when appropriate.

In addition to our success with gifts to the annual fund, we secured sufficient funding to launch new, strategic initiatives while maintaining funding for core programs.

Revenue from admissions and shop sales experienced a slight downturn due to a lack of rainy days during the peak season. 

Program revenues missed our budgetary goal due to vacancies in the education department which were filled mid-fiscal year.

As always, our success is due to our friends and supporters. Thank you for another great year.





FY17 Revenue                                                 $890,787          

Contributions, Grants, Special Events      $415,057

Program & Special Projects                         $341,988

Investment Draw & Interests                       $41,539

Earned Income: Shop Sales, Rentals         $92,203  




FY17 Expenses*     $958,952       

Program                  $600,395

Administrative       $201,623

Fundraising            $156,934


*At this time we do not fund depreciation. 




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