2017 at a glance

  • 2 new exhibits, 6 ongoing
  • 365 days were spent creating, installing, and maintaining the exhibits
  • 52 Native people were involved in the conception and creation of the exhibits
  • More than 50 donors helped make our exhibits a reality



When guests enter the Abbe Museum at our downtown location, they are given the opportunity to be introduced to each of the Wabanaki tribes, learn a bit about their culture and stories, encounter the stunning Reis Education Canoe, and learn about Wabanaki sovereignty and the Abbe Museum’s decolonization initiative.


Our largest exhibit space, three-fourths of the main gallery became dedicated to our new core exhibit, People of the First Light. The remaining fourth of the gallery will still host changing exhibits on a yearly basis, and held the Waponahki Student Art show in 2017.

The community gallery serves as exhibit and lecture space at the downtown Bar Harbor location.


The Circle of the Four Directions

One of our most striking architectural features, the Circle of the Four Directions hosts a one-of-a-kind basket exhibit representing the five Wabanaki communities of Maine.

Sieur de Monts Spring

The Abbe Museum's original location, opened in 1928 in Acadia National Park, still hosts Dr. Robert Abbe's original collection, as well as an explorative exhibit about the history of St. Sauveur.

Learning Lab

Our hands-on learning space on the lower level of the Circle of the Four Directions is a place of activity and learning, and hosted a brand new educational program lineup in 2017.