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2017 Waponahki Student Art Show  closed December 2017

A collaboration of Maine Indian Education and the Abbe Museum
The Waponahki Student Art Show celebrated its 16th year in 2017 by bringing together a wonderful variety of art created by Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet, and Micmac students from early childhood education through high school. The styles, media, and images vary throughout the exhibition, but place, culture, and identity have a strong presence in these original works.

Special thanks to:
Framing by Lin Calista of the Museum Framer at the Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport, Maine

With gratitude to the following friends for their support:
Linda McLeod, Superintendent, Maine Indian Education
Michael W. Chadwick, Principal, Beatrice Rafferty School
Annemarie Swanson, Principal, Indian Island School
Geri Reynolds, Interim Principal, Indian Township School

And to all the students, parents, elders, and community members who recognize the value of the arts and arts education in our schools and communities.


Indian Island School
Carmella Bear, Grade 4
Kaden Gray, Grade 3
Wesley Green, Grade K
Savana Martinez, Grade 6
Nia Lynn Nicola, Grade 5
Brandon Nicola, Grade 1
Isabella Pardilla, Grade 2
Sheylee Sapiel, Grade 8
Aliya Sapiel, Grade 7
Aven Sappier, Grade Pre-K
Sylvia Brown, Grade 7
Nevaeh Dana, Grade 7
Quoqsis Dana, Grade 2
Tyeisha Francis, Grade 5
Zachary Levesque, Grade 6
Emma Levesque, Grade 4
Ava Lewey, Grade 3
Simiah Lozada,  Grade 4
Brooklyn McCarthy, Grade 5
Asa McCarthy, Grade 2
Isaiah Nicholas, Grade 4
Genesis Sabattis, Grade 4
Jared Smiley, Grade 7
Ashton Sockabasin, Grade 7
Kendra Stevens, Grade 7
Shealynn Stevens, Grade 5


Student artists featured in the Waponahki Student Art Show

Aroostook Band of Micmacs
Gesig Joseph, Grade 11
Mishun Morey, Grade 9
Beatrice Rafferty School
Mahqan Aselis Cleaves, Grade 3
Talon Francis-Bear, Grade K
Angelina Gonzales, Grade 3
Lindsey LaViolet, Grade 6
Journey Leighton, Grade 4
Andee Leighton, Grade 2
Ash Neptune, Grade 8
Sage Phillips, Grade 7
Ella Russell, Grade 5
Dallas Yarbear, Grade K
Calais High School
Maddy Keezeer, Grade 9
Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians
Jordyn Tibbetts, Grade 9

Orono High School
Jayden Love, Grade 10
Shead High School
Reagan Moore, Grade 9
Washington Academy
Gabrielle Dubay, Grade 9
Ben Francis, Grade 10