At the Abbe Museum, our mission is to inspire new learning about the Wabanaki Nations with every visit. In 2015, our team grew stronger, our supporters hit it out of the park, and we made huge strides in securing our place as a leading resource and model that the museum field turns to for ideas, solutions, and strategies for comprehensive museum decolonization.


Abbe by the Numbers

  • 105 programs delivered at the Museum
  • 82 programs held outside the Museum
  • 30,000 Museum visitors
  • 146,159 website visitors
  • 6 new exhibits, 5 ongoing
  • 94 Native Artists were involved in the creation of the exhibits
  • 6,677 individuals impacted by the Abbe's programs
  • 42 tours were given, reaching 1,057 visitors traveling via cruise ships and tour buses
  • 25 schools, 1,622 students, and 14 organizations were educated by Abbe staff
  • 13 programs presented inside Acadia National Park drew a total of 3,191 visitors
  • $94,462 in Admission sales
  • $120,133 in Merchandise sales
  • $81,270 in Annual Fund gifts
  • $152,525 in Project Grants/Sponsorship
  • $9,630 In-Kind donations
  • $132,00 in support of Coming Home
  • Raised a total of $78,107 at the 2015 Gathering Gala



This map depicts the location of individuals using our website. The U.S. had the most use with 43,776 sessions, followed by Canada with 1,478, United Kingdom with 365, Germany with 335, Brazil with 233, and Russia with 212. A session is a group of interactions that take place on our website within a given time frame. For example, a single session can contain multiple screen or page views, events, and social interactions.